Unpopular Opinions From Dragon Ball Z Fans

Unpopular opinions are something trending these days, you can find them especially on Twitter and Reddit. For those who have never heard of this before. To quote Nicole Cooper from Medium:

Unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo.

On Twitter and Reddit, people start threads like this week Senpai (@Cosmicflaming0):

As you can see that this became quite popular as more than 700 people responded to the thread.

Now as with all social media threads, we just have to wait for the opposite to start so Popular Opinions From Dragon Ball Z Fans…

These were the ones that jumped out for us:

#1 Cell was the best villain

#2 Bulma's 80s hair should've stayed a little longer

#3 Piccolo's scales color is wrong. Piccolo has 4 fingers

#4 I like that he can be dorky and have fun

#5 Caulifla, Kale and by extension Kefla were actually really cool

#6 Vegeta and Piccolo only seem like better father figures than…

#7 Krillin Is actually the goat

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